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High Adhesiveness

Phenolic Resins for Rubber-based Adhesives

Phenolic resins for rubber-based adhesives (solvent base, latex) to improve mechanical strength and add tackiness.

Phenolic Resins for Electrical Insulation Coatings

Phenolic resins for coatings with superior heat resistance and electrical insulation.

Liquid Epoxy Resin

SUMIMAC® ECR/ECH has excellent workability and safety and is widely used for electrical insulation of ignition coils, relays, sensors and capacitor applications.

Epoxy Coating Powder

SUMILITERESIN® ECP is epoxy resin-based coating powder and has excellent reliability, workability and safety with good adhesive strength, heat resistance, electrical insulation and high mechanical strength.

Phenolic Resins for Rubber and Tire Products

Phenolic resins for reinforcing rubber products, improving vulcanization and formability.

Phenolic Resins for Bonded Abrasives/Coated Abrasives

Phenolic resins for bonded abrasives and coated abrasives with high mechanical strength and good adhesion performance.

Phenolic Resins for Building Materials and FRP Products

Phenolic resins for coatings with superior heat resistance and electrical insulation.

Phenolic Resins for Inorganic Materials Binder/Thermal Insulative Applications

Phenolic resins for binding inorganic materials and thermal insulating applications which are easy to use and offer superior heat resistance, high mechanical strength, flame retardancy and workability.


Product information on epoxy resin molding compounds for encapsulation of semiconductor devices.


Product information on pastes for die bonding.


Product Information on coating resins for semiconductor wafers.

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