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Chemical Resistance


PROTEOSAVE™ is a product that blocks nonspecific adsorption of protein, peptide to the inside of a plastic container. Blocking is done by the coating of ultra hydrophilic polymer that S-BIO has newly and originally developed.

"SUNLOID" PC Corrugated Sheet AU Grade

"SUNLOID" PC Configurated sheet AU Grade has improved ammonia resistance on top of high light transmittance.

"SUNLOID" KD Acrylic-PVC Alloy Plate

"SUNLOID" KD has many superior properties such as moldability, chemical resistance, and flame retardancy, in addition to excellent shock resistance that is equivalent to polycarbonate resin.

"SUNLOID" Extruded Rigid PVC Plate for Industrial Use

"SUNLOID" Extruded Rigid PVC Plate has outstanding chemical resistance, processability.

"SUNLOID" KD Acrylic-PVC Alloy Plate Grade 7000

"SUNLOID" KD Grade 7000 has extra high impact strength - the highest strength level among thermoplastic materials in the market.

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