PVC Plate
Extruded Rigid PVC Plate for Industrial Use


Extruded Rigid PVC Plate has outstanding chemical resistance, processability. Wider size is available for big equipment.


Chemical resistance

Outstanding chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and fats.

Stable physical property

High mechanical strength such as tensile and bending strength.

Small shrinkage under heat

Heat shrinkage ratio is less than 1% (expansion) which is better than pressed sheets.

Lead free product

It does not contain lead stabilizer and is conforming to RoHS regulations.


Excellent performance for machine processing such as cutting, punching, and heat processing such as bending, molding and welding.

High thickness accuracy

Good appearance and accuracy in thickness are as precise as pressed plates.

Flame retardancy

UL 94 V-0 certified


Industrial Materials

Production Facility

air conditioning facility, chemical tank

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