ABS Plate


ABS plate is manufactured by our experienced extrusion technologies, and has well balanced properties including processability, impact resistance, heat resistance, etc. It offers a wide range of applications made possible thanks to the easy processing such as precision cutting using NC machine tools for cutting and punching. It has a variety of colors and surface patterns, and grades with weather resistance, heat resistance, transparent, anti-static and others for your choice.


Characteristics of ABS R-type

  • Expansion ratio by thermoforming is up to 500%
  • High heat deflection temperature of 85°C
  • Outstanding impact resistance
  • Easy machine-processing

Other special grades (made to order)

  • Transparent grade ABS T-type
  • Heat resistance grade ABS H-type
  • Weather resistance grade ABS E-type

Above grades are specially made to order. Please contact our sales office nearest to you.


Industrial Materials

Machine Parts


Game machine and equipment covering


Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration for Stores



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