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FAQ about Products

Q1.Where Can I buy S-BIO and SUMILON® products?


Please contact us by e-mail: s-bio@sumibe.co.jp or call us directly (+81-3-5462-4831).

Q2.What is sterilization method of plastic product? How long is expiry?


We are using radiation sterilization after packaging our products. Expired date is indicated on products package. Those without indicated can be used for 2 to 3 years after production.

Q3.How to change medium of cell spheroid?


We recommend that you change half volume of the medium by using micropipette gently. Notice the non-adhesion spheroid may be removed when changing medium. Please do not set the pipette tips close to spheroid in medium. Slowly aspirate is highly recommended.

Q4.Where can I get Certificate of analysis (COA)?

Q5.What should I do when I cannot find the product I want?


Please contact with us directly by 'inquiry' form below.

Q6.How long do cryogenic vials last?


As the reference information, there is 15 years of storing inside of the gas of liquid nitrogen.

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