Centrifuge Tubes/Conical Tubes
Low Cell Adsorption Tubes STEMFULL™


STEMFULL™ tube is quite effective to recover the high adhesive cells such as stem cells by centrifugation.


For adherent cells

Effective recovery of adherent cells such as stem cells

Unique surface treatment

The tube surface is treated with unique and safe polymer material enable to block the non-specific binding of protein, peptides and cells to surface.


The PET resin material has effective transparence and making easy centrifugation operation.

Radiation sterilized


Medical Reserach Institutions/Laboratory

Centrifuge tubes/Conical tubes

Conical tubes for centrifugation

It is effective for adherent cells collection such as stem cells from blood.


Cat. No. Product Description Volume Qty/Pk Qty/Cs
Cap: Polyethylene
15mL 5 100


  • Temperature rage for use: -80°C-40°C
  • Upper strength of centrifuge: 4,640G
    (In-house data: Rotation time 10 min, Use of Swing rotor, rubber)


Effectiveness of STEMFULL

Numbers of collected cells inside cornea

Numbers of cells lump by 10,000 of cells


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