Centrifuge Tubes/Conical Tubes
Centrifuge Tubes


Centrifuge Tube have achieved outstanding transparency and centrifugal strength.

Centrifuge Tubes (PP)

The cap features a smoothly sliding screw thread and a structure that allows tightening with a little turn.

Centrifuge Tubes (TPX)

Transparent material and resistant to organic solvent.


No destruction and no cracking of centrifugal strength test

PP centrifuge-tube is durable for 12,000G centrifuge.

Transparent material and resistant to organic solvent

TPX is a transparent material and resistant to organic solvent. It is useful for distinguishing between liquid and liquid surface when extracting phenol/chloroform.


Autoclavable (For 20 minutes at 121°C)


Medical Research Institution/Laboratory

Centrifuge Tubes/Conical Tubes

Easy operation for reagent adjustment dilution process using pipette Recommendable for one hand operation in a clean bench.

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