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Application Notes

N-Glycan Analysis of Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) using EZGlyco<sup>®</sup> mAb-N Kit with 2-AB

EZGlyco® mAb-N Kit with 2-AB has been applied to glycan analysis of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). This new protocol is expected to contribute to more efficient R&D and quality control of ADCs.

A Recent Advance Making O-Glycan Preparation Flawless

A detailed information of the new O-glycan sample preparation kit using S-BIO's proprietary technology.

Preparation and LC-MS Analysis of Procainamide-Labeled O-Glycans Using EZGlyco<sup>®</sup> O-Glycan Prep Kit

Procainamide labeling was readily adapted in the protocol of EZGlyco® O-Glycan Prep Kit in the same way as 2-AB labeling with a simple modification where 2-AB was replaced with commercially available procainamide hydrochloride.

EZGlyco<sup>®</sup> O-Glycan Prep Kit Application notes(Precautions for use)

When samples contain a large amount of low molecular weight excipients such as salts, stabilizers and sugars, the filter column may become clogged or signals may decrease. Please read this note first when using such samples.

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