FAQ about Products
S-BIO Business Division

Q1.Where can I buy S-BIO® and SUMILON® products?


S-BIO® and SUMILON® products are not retailed. Please ask distributors of medical devices.

Q2.How long is X-ray sterilization effective?


We are doing X-ray sterilization after packaging our products. Generally, plastic products may be deteriorated after X-ray sterilization. Our products can be used until their expiry date, but those without their expiry date indicated can be used for 2 to 3 years after production.

Q3.How to change medium of cell spheroid ?


Cell spheroid may be broken during change of medium. It is recommended that changed by half and half and top end of chip should be along side face of well plate.

Q4.Where can I get Certificate of analysis (COA)?


Please contact with us by 'inquiry' form below.

Q5.What should I do when I cannot find the product I want?


Please contact with us directly by 'inquiry' form below.

Q6.How long do cryogenic vials last?


As the reference information, there is 15 years of storing inside of the gas of liquid nitrogen.

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