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Films and Sheets Division (P-Plus® freshness preserving films)

Q1.What is MA packaging?


That is a packaging technology that restrain breathing of produces to the minimum level for freshness keeping. Fruits and vegetables are living after harvesting and they are breathing. To reduce respiring at low level is most important point for freshness keeping.
One of the way is to keep it under colder condition.
Second way is to keep surrounding gas to be low oxygen and high carbon oxidize condition.
It is called controlled atmosphere preservation.
MA can keep gas inside package to be high carbon oxidize condition. MA is abbreviation of Modified atmosphere.

Q2.Is MA package effective for all fruits and vegetables?


It is effective basically. However, root crops have low respiring and not so effective. It is effective for cut root crops as these become high breathing condition after cutting. In addition, it is not effective for rice or pickles, as these do not breath.

Q3.Is MA effective for meat or fish?


MA is only effective for vegetables and fruits. As produces are living after harvesting, these can be controlled under low breathing condition. Freshness keeping of meat or fish is according to different principles.

Q4.Is MA effective for frozen food?


It is not effective because frozen food does not breath.

Q5.Is temperature control necessary for P-Plus® package?


It is necessary. Cooler track transportation is desirable.

Q6.Can mold be prevented by P-Plus®?


P-Plus® cannot prevent mold unfortunately.

Q7.What kind of film is used for P-Plus® ?


Any films will do for P-Plus®. Freshness keeping of P-Plus® does not depend on film material property. Controlling of hole size and numbers of holes are key technology of P-Plus®. However for vegetable package, transparence is required and transparent OPP films are used.

Q8.Is dioxin generated when P-Plus® burnt?


Dioxin is not generated in such case. Dioxin is generated when chlorinated resin material is burnt at low temperature. We do not use such chlorinated resin films for P-Plus®.

Q9.Is sealing necessary for P-Plus® ?


P-Plus does not work when it is not sealed completely. Numbers of holes of P-Plus® is from several to several ten. If P-Plus® is not sealed CO2 is not controlled by hole size and numbers.

Q10.Can one P-Plus® bag be used for any kind of vegetables?


It is impossible actually. Breathing of produce has infinite variety by kind, place of growing, weight and cutting method. Therefore, P-Plus® is basically made to order product. Single P-Plus® film cannot be used for many kind of vegetables and fruits. Sometimes it can be used in the case different food has same breathing level.

Q11.How P-Plus® products are delivered?


P-Plus® is delivered as a roll or a bag. We can provide rolled product for packaging or many kinds of plastic bag according to customer needs. It can be freely printed. as well.

Q12.Where can I buy P-Plus products?


Please contact us directly by telephone or e-mail.

Q13.Do you have "inner bags types of P-Plus®" for carton box?


Yes we have. P-Plus® works as well as individual packing types and innser bags types.

Q14.What kind of effect dose P-Plus® have?


Please see P-Plus® Effects in the attached file as P-Plus® Effects movie on the web page.

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