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The approach our Group should take to sustainability is to pursue the diverse functions of plastics and further expand their potential, while minimizing the environmental impact of existing products and increasing their contribution to achieving the SDGs. At the same time, we should work to create new environmental and social value by bringing new products and services to society.

Our Group will strive to generate appropriate economic value by raising awareness among customers and society of the positive intrinsic value of the plastics we provide, and work to continuously improve our corporate value through these comprehensive efforts.

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  • Relationships with Employees
    Respect for Human Rights/Recruiting and Employment/Human Resources Development/Promotion of Diversity/Work-life balance/Initiatives for Employee Health/Labor-management relations/Occupational Health and Safety / Accident Prevention
  • Relationships with our Customers and Suppliers
    Product Liability/Quality Assurance/Procurement Initiatives/
    CS (customer satisfaction) Enhancement/Occupational Health and Safety / Accident Prevention/Respect for Human Rights
  • Relations with Local Communities
    Environmental Initiatives/Initiatives in Society/Initiatives Relating to Fostering the Next Generation/Occupational Health and Safety / Accident Prevention/Respect for Human Rights
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