Optical Circuit Business Development Department

What's Polymer waveguide (PWG) ?

A flexible optical circuit film with low optical propagation loss and low crosstalk that uses our company's original polymer material and unique manufacturing method. Our company processes films to meet customer needs.

PWG's merits

Are you having trouble with optical wiring? It can be solved by PWG function.

PWG Features/

  • Material
  • Optical
  • Structures

Application examples

  • For data transmission
  • For optical sensing (Coming soon)

PWG Samples

  • Type-1: PWG with mirror and connector
  • Type-2: PWG with bothside connector

※We can also provide it only with optical waveguide film.

Under developments

This section introduces some of the technologies under development in our company. We will respond individually to technologies not listed here. Please contact us via the inquiry form below.

  • Optical attenuator
  • GI structure
  • 2D Mirror array

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