Polymer waveguide
New technology under development

Optical attenuation function

  • The micro-cladding is placed in the wiring to radiate higher order modes and increase propagation loss.
  • It is possible to adjust the loss value to be different for each wire.

Possible uses

  • Adjusting the intensity of emitted light
  • Usage of lower order mode


  • GI structure can be obtained by adjusting the refractive index distribution at the boundary between core and clad.
  • This structure improves the connection efficiency with optical sorce and fibers.

Possible uses

  • Optical wiring requiring low coupling loss
  • Optical wiring requiring low propagation delay

2D Mirror Array

  • An optical path conversion function can be provided in the high-density wiring.
  • It enables multi-core connection with arrayed optical soucrs and multilayered fibers.

Possible uses

  • Onboard optical modules
  • Optical sensors emitting different wavelengths for each wire

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