Polymer waveguide
Features and characteristics


Base polymer : Polynorbornene
Function : High transparency/low birefringence
High heat resistance
Low water absorption/High solvent resistivity
Low dielectric constant/loss

Optical characteristic

Optical propagetion loss

Optical propagetion loss

Optical propagetion loss : 0.05 dB/cm (650-850nm)
0.38 dB/cm (1310nm)

Circuit shape and refractive index

Circuit shape and refractive index

Core size : □ 30-100 um
R.I. : Core 1.553
Clad (horizontal) 1.535
(R.I. difference △n 1.2 %)
Clad (vertical) 1.517
(R.I. difference △n 2.3 %)
R.I. distribution Horizontal GI, Vertical SI

Cross talk

Cross talk

Cross talk < -40 dB (wiring pitch: 62.5 µm)
< -50 dB (wiring pitch: 125 µm)

* Core width: 48 µm, Core height: 40 µm
   Optical source: 850nm LED, Input/output fiber: OM3

Optical wiring bending loss

Optical wiring bending loss

Film benging : R > 5 mm
Pattern bending : R > 12 mm

* Input fiber: OM3, Output fiber: SI100 um (NA0.2)
   Optical source: TOSA +Mode Conditioner

PWG structures

Machining of the outer shape

  • Use equipment that meets required accuracy
  • We will process it according to customer's request.
Machining accuracy : ±0.1 mm
Machining radius : R > 1 mm
Maximum size : 450 mm x 55 mm
Precision machining accuracy : ±5 µm

* Please contact us directly for details.


Machining of the mirror area

  • An optical path converter can be formed for each signal.
  • The mark used to align the mirror is also processed into an optical waveguide.
Mirror tilt accuracy : ±1°
Mirror position accuracy : ±5 µm

* We can handle other than vertical conversion (45° machining).


Optical connectors

  • Compatible with commercially available MT connectors.
  • It has a function to reduce the light reflect.
  • Commercially MPO receptors can also be attached to this MT connector
Core position accuracy : ± 5 µm (Ref. connector pin hole)

* Please inquire directly about the coupling loss/reflection loss.


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