Polymer waveguide
Advantages of polymer waveguide

A flexible optical circuit film with low optical propagation loss and low crosstalk that uses our company's original polymer material and unique manufacturing method. Our company processes films to meet customer needs.

Multi-core optical signal

For optical fiber

Optical fiber bungle
  • Optical wiring is bulky. difficult to bend.
  • There is not enough space for the optical wiring.

[Reference] Wiring pitch 250 μm (Core Φ 50 μm)
* Example of a typical fiber optic bundle

For polymer waveguide (PWG)

Cross sectional view
  • The distance between each core can be reduced to 10 μm or less by a unique method.
  • High-density multi-core optical wiring is possible.

[Reference] Wiring pitch 60 μm (Core width 48 μm)
* Core height and width can be up to 100 μm.
* Please contact us for more details.



Long distance transmission from waveguides ↓


Scalable Fiber Shuffle [Sumitomo Electric]

Branching of optical wiring

For optical fiber

Optical splitter (Welding)
  • The fusion cost of the optical wiring increases.
  • Excessive loss occurs in the fusion region.
  • It is difficult to control the distribution ratio.

For polymer waveguide (PWG)

  • By forming a branch circuit, optical branching and coupling functions can be added.
  • By forming fine claddings in the branch region, it is possible to change the distribution ratio without excess loss.

[Reference] Light intensity ratio 1:9, 2:8, 3:7, etc.
* We will design according to your request.

Optical cross wiring

For optical fiber

Cross wiring
  • Optical wiring cost is high. (wiring one by one)
  • The thickness of the optical crossing is increased.
  • Increase the risk of wire breakage at cross section

For polymer waveguide (PWG)

  • Fine optical cross wiring can be formed by exposure.
  • The wiring of the same layer can be changed.

* Please contact us directly for detailed design conditions.

Optical wire bending

For optical fiber

Optical fiber bending
  • Wiring is difficult because it cannot be bent in a narrow place.
  • Risk of damaging optical fiber in wiring

For polymer waveguide (PWG)

  • The flexibility of the polymer allows wiring in thin and narrow areas.

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