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Provides good operability for various types of cell culture.

Cell Desk LF

Cell Desk LF is tipped with a tab-shaped thin plastic which can be cultured on.

Cell Scrapers

Blades which come in direct contact with cells are made of silicon rubber. T-shaped profile is convenient for cell retrieval.


Cell Desk LF

  • Cell Desk LF is tipped with a tab-shaped thin plastic which can be easily captured on. Has excellent chemical resistance and is useful for cell fixation and sampling.
  • Low auto fluorescence feature allows immunochemical fluorescent staining of cells.
  • Tab can be folded back for easy handling and cut off by knife or scissors.
  • Celldesk has high optical properties.
    Light transmittance: >90% - UV(350nm) range to visible light range

Cell Scrapers

  • T-shaped profile is convenient for cell retrieval.
  • Blades can be turned to a variety of angles for allowing perfect scraping inside flask.
  • The scrapers are made of silicon rubber with low toxicity. Available for choice of size to match the small culture space plate such as 24 plate.


Medical Research Institutions/Laboratory

Cell Culture

Providing easy operation for various cell culture


Cell Desk LF
Cat. No.ProductDescriptionThicknessSurfaceQty/PkQty/CsNotes
MS-92132ZCell Desk LF113.5mmΦRound
for 24 wells plate
0.1mmFor adherent cells24240Radiation
MS-92302ZCell Desk LF230.0mmΦ Round0.1mmFor adherent cells5100Radiation

Cell Scrapers
Cat. No.ProductDescriptionMaterial


MS-93100ZCell Scraper S

10mm width
160mm length

ABS Silicon rubber1100For plates and dishes
MS-93170ZCell Scraper M17mm width
250mm length
ABS Silicon rubber1100For 50 and 250 flasks
MS-93300Z Cell Scraper L30mm width
350 length
ABS Silicon rubber1100For 600 and 800 flasks


  • Radiation sterilized
  • T-shaped designed form enable to recover cell effectively.
  • Cell scraper S-type is suitable for 24-well plates.

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