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Cell Culture Petri Dishes


Excellent surface smoothness gives clear microscopic observation


Excellent surface smoothness gives clear microscopic observation

Petri Dishes for adherent cell culture / Petri Dishes for suspension cell culture

Two kinds of product line up are providing

  • For adherent cell culture: Initial adherence and proliferative property of cells via hydrophilic surface treatment.
  • For suspension cell culture: The surface is resistant to cell adhesion which minimizes damage or loss of cell.

Highly hydrophilic product for adherent cell culture

MS-10600 is treated with highly hydrophilic surface . The cells can be easily extended and proliferate.

Flanged design

35mmφ petri dish (MS-10350Z) with flanged bottom allows for easy grip

Two size

There are two heights (20mm,17mm) selection for 90mmφ petri dish. You can choose according to space or volume of medium

Designed for easy operation

The flexible material of lid of 60mmφ and 90mmφ Petri Dishes can be easily griped during operating.


Medical Research Institution/Laboratory

Cell Culture

  • Hybridoma
  • Lymphocyte cultivation
  • LAK adoptive immunity studies
  • Gene therapy studies

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Cell Culture MultiWell Plates

Multi Well Plates provide excellent performance in initial cell adhesion and proliferation via special surface treatment for adhesion cell


Flasks provide excellent cell cultivability. Flask surface is very smooth and gives clear microscopic view.

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