PC-ABS Alloy Plate


ROA, PC-ABS alloy plate has well balanced high quality. Its impact strength is two times higher than regular ABS plate, and the impact strength at low temperature is outstanding. Therefore it is applicable for wide temperature range and suited for OA equipment, etc. It also has excellent thermoforming properties in vacuum or pressure forming, that enable to materialize beautiful and functional designing even for small lot production.


Deep draw forming

Good for deep draw molding - high expansion ratio by thermoforming up to 500%

Flame retardant material

UL94 V-0 certified

Heat resistance

Outstanding heat resistance (Heat Deflection Temp.: 94°C)

Impact resistance

Outstanding shock resistance (twice as strong as ABS plate)

Impact resistance at a low temperature

High impact strength at low temperature (1.8 times stronger than ABS plate)


Industrial Materials

Machine Parts

Machine housing


Grade Color pattern Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
2.0 3.0 5.0
EFN 550-04 ivory tie-dyed 1000×2000 5 3 2
EFN 700-04 gray tie-dyed 1000×2000 5 3 2
EFN 800-04 black tie-dyed 1000×2000 5 3 2


  • For other than above standard color,please make an inquiry
  • Figures show number of sheet in a packing
  • contains 2 in one packing

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