Acrylic and Polystyrene Decorative Plates
Granterior GS


Granterior GS is a polystyrene plate with decorative patterns on the surface. As it will not warp under high humidity, it is suitable for bath room door panels.


Strong and light weight

Compared with glass materials, it is several times as strong, and weighs less than half. It is hard to break. and easy to handle as it will not break into sharp edged pieces.

Privacy protection

It has enough light transmission, but obstructs eyesight from outside for privacy protection.

Low moisture absorption

Low moisture absorption will help to avoid warpage. It is suitalbe for high humid bath rooms.




Residence related

Doors of bath rooms, partitions, door panels, windows and screens


GradeArt. No.ColorPatternThickness
Size (mm)
Granterior GSGS 100MClearMatte2.55
GS 100-R35SWavy3.53
GS 100-R50SHazy3.53
GS 960-R35SSmoked BrownWavy3.5*
GS 100-R42SClearPear skin*


  • * marked products are for made to order.
  • Figures are the number of plates in one package.
  • is 2 in a packing

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