PVC Plate
KD Acrylic-PVC Alloy Plate Grade 7000


KD Grade 7000 has extra high impact strength - the highest strength level among thermoplastic materials in the market. Like the regular KD materials, it offers corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical strength etc.
Processability is excellent also - for cutting punching, and especially for therm forming by press or vacuum for deep drawing.


Impact strength

Its impact strength is more than 10 times higher than the Extruded Rigid PVC Plates or Rigid PVC Pressed Plates for industrial use.


Deep draw press or vacuum forming is applicable.


Rigid free and conforming to RoHS


Industrial Materials


Air conditioner (duct), tank


GradeColorSize (mm)Thickness (mm)
KDF 7300DKD green1000×200032*2211  
KDP 7300KD green1000×2000      **
KDF 7700Dgray1000×200032221*   
1220×24402 * *   


  • The part standard size of the KDF7300D and the KDF7700D (* mark) will be discontinued after cleaning our stock and be costom-made order-receving items.
  • The delivery number of days will be sometimes the occasion which hangs more than usual and special chartered fliight arrangements by the size, the quantity and a payment previous area.
  • is one packing, contains 2 in a packing.

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