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Impact Resistance

Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Molding Compounds

Long fibre reinforced thermoset molding composite fills a niche in specialities.

Unclad Laminates SUMILITE® PL/EL

Suitable for switches, volumes, terminal boards, distributor boards, jigs, insulation plates for molds and dies.


SUNLOID PC has outstanding shock resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance.

"SUNLOID PC" Twin Wall SHEET (Free Size)

"SUNLOID" PC Twin Wall Sheet is a composite panel that has pneumatic structures made inside of polycarbonate layers.

"SUNLOID PC" Force Bent Panel for Roofinga

SUNLOYD PC Force Bent Panel for Roofing is used for roofing material of a large size facility.

"SUNLOID PC" Corrugated Sheet

"SUNLOID" PC Corrugated Sheet is made of polycarbonate resin with excellent impact strength and transparency as well as weather resistance.

"SUNLOID" PC Smoke Blue Corrugated Sheet, Heat Ray Cutoff Grade

On top of "SUNLOID" PC corrugated sheet's excellent impact resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance and easy processability, "SUNLOID" PC Smoke Blue Corrugated Sheet, Heat Ray Cutoff Grade has heat reflecting property.

"SUNLOID" KD Acrylic-PVC Alloy Plate

"SUNLOID" KD has many superior properties such as moldability, chemical resistance, and flame retardancy, in addition to excellent shock resistance that is equivalent to polycarbonate resin.

"SUNLOID" KD Acrylic-PVC Alloy Weather Resistant Plate 8000 Series

"SUNLOID" KD 8000 series are designed for outdoor use. Weather resistant property is added on the regular "SUNLOID" KD plates.

"SUNLOID" KD Acrylic-PVC Alloy Plate Grade 7000

"SUNLOID" KD Grade 7000 has extra high impact strength - the highest strength level among thermoplastic materials in the market.


SUNMOLAR is made of UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) with molecular weight of 4.5-5.7 million. It has exceptional properties among many plastics materials, such as abrasion resistance, sliding, nonadherence, and impact resistance.


Product information on pastes for die bonding.

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