Molding Compounds and Molded Parts
Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Molding Compounds


The long fiber reinforced thermoset plastic molding composite fills in niche in the specialities between conventional molding compounds and prepregs. We offer solution for the structural parts which conventional materials can not be used.


  • Sumitomo Bakelite North America, Inc. (USA)
  • Sumitomo Bakelite Europe (Ghent) NV (Belgium)


  • High Performance Plastic Products Laboratories


Flexible combination of resin and fiber for specific applications

We offer the best combination of resin (phenolic, epoxy or bismaleimide) and long fiber (glass, carbon or aramid) to meet specific requirements.

High mechanical strength and reliability

Our long fiber reinforced thermoset plastic molding composite has excellent mechanical strength and reliability such as high impact resistance, tensile strength, flexural strength, good creep property under high temperature and dimensional stability for structural parts.

Good moldability (3-dimensional form is available)

Our long fiber reinforced thermoset plastic molding composite is a dry-type composite (solvent free) for easy operation compared to conventional wet-type long fiber materials. Compression molding and transfer molding are available and injection molding technology is under development.



Structural Parts

Electrical and electronic equipment

Commutators for industrial motors, explosion-proof parts and electrical insulation parts

Industrial parts

Fluid equipment, chemical pump vanes, etc.


Structural Parts

Automotive parts, Railway car parts

Powertrain and chassis components that require high heat resistance and high impact strength.

Aircraft parts

Interior related materials and engine parts etc. that are required high performance and reliability.


ResinLong fiber reinforced
thermoset plastic molding composite
Conventional materialMetal
Glass fiberCarbon fiberGlass fiberAluminumSteel
PhenolEpoxyPhenolEpoxyPhenolDie-castCarbon steel
Specific gravity-1.791.861.511.431.782.687.85
Tensile strengthMPa180119151145140310690
Tensile modulusGPa252449462271205
Yield PointMPa-----150*490
Flexural strengthMPa356223340363230--
Charpy impact strengthkJ/m260526050381780
Specific tensile strengthMPa101641001017911688
Specific tensile modulusGPa14133232122626


  • *0.2%, Proof stress
  • The data given above are not guaranteed values.


Aircraft engine parts

Railway car parts

Industrial parts

Industrial parts
Chemical pump vanes

Motor parts

Electric parts
Explosion-proof housings

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