Product List of HPP Business Unit

Phenolic Resins

Phenolic Resins for Friction Materials

Phenolic resins for friction materials with superior heat resistance and good adhesive performance.

Phenolic Resins for Shell Molding

Phenolic resins for shell molding with high mechanical strength and fast curing performance.

Phenolic Resins for Rubber and Tire Products

Phenolic resins for reinforcing rubber products, improving vulcanization and formability.

Phenolic Resins for Rubber-based Adhesives

Phenolic resins for rubber-based adhesives (solvent base, latex) to improve mechanical strength and add tackiness.

Phenolic Resins for Electrical Insulation Coatings

Phenolic resins for coatings with superior heat resistance and electrical insulation.

Phenolic resins for Can Coatings

Our products have many years of experience as hardeners for interior paints such as beverage cans, canned foods, and drums.

Phenolic Resins for Bonded Abrasives/
Coated Abrasives

Phenolic resins for bonded abrasives and coated abrasives with high mechanical strength and good adhesion performance.

Phenolic Resins for Building Materials and FRP Products

Phenolic resins for binding organic materials (wood, paper, fabric, ...) which are easy to use and offer superior heat resistance, high mechanical strength, flame retardancy and good workability.

Phenolic Resins for Refractories

Phenolic resins for refractories with a high fixed carbon rate comparing to other polymer.

Phenolic Resins for Carbon and Carbon Materials

Phenolic resins for binding inorganic materials and thermal insulating applications which are easy to use and offer superior heat resistance, high mechanical strength, flame retardancy and workability.

Phenolic Resins Resins for Photoresist

Phenolic resins for molding compounds with superior heat resistance and fast curing.

Molding Compounds and Molded Parts

Phenolic Molding Compounds

Phenolic molding compounds reinforced with glass fiber, organic filler or inorganic filler.

Other Thermoset Plastic Molding Compounds

Specialized molding compounds such as epoxy, diallyl phthalate or other type (except for phenolic)

Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Molding Compounds

Long fiber reinforced thermoset molding composite fills a niche in specialities.

Molded Parts and Molding Dies

Product information on molded parts, molding dies.

Precision Epoxy Products

Liquid Epoxy Resin

Product information on liquid epoxy resin.

Epoxy Coating Powder

Product information on epoxy coating powder.

Circuitry Materials

Epoxy Resin Copper-clad Laminates SUMILITE® ELC

Double sided Epoxy resin copper-clad laminate suitable for wide range of applications.

Epoxy Resin Multilayer PWB Materials SUMILITE® ELC

Epoxy resin multi-layer material for PWBs developed based on our resin formulation technology.

Aluminum Based Materials for PCB SUMILITE® ALC

High-fever conduction, low heat thermal resistance, high electric strength, and a halogen freelancer are given.

Unclad Laminates SUMILITE® PL/EL

Suitable for switches, volumes, terminal boards, distributor boards, jigs, insulation plates for molds and dies.

Aero Interior Materials and Composite Parts

Honeycomb Panels

  • Prepregs and honeycomb panels comply with FAR 25.853(d) aircraft interior standard
  • Engineered panels

Thermoplastic Sheets for Aero Interior

  • Thermoplastic sheets comply with FAR 25.853(d) aircraft interior standard

Phenolic Resins

  • Resin for Prepreg
  • Resin for Honeycomb Panel

Molding Compounds

  • Molding Compounds for Interior
  • Longfiber Reinforced Therrmosetting Plastic Molding Compounds for Matal Replacement

Molded Parts

  • Molded Parts for Interior

Sheet Material for Sheet Forming

  • Sheet Forming Material for Interior (Polyvinyle Chloride)
  • Sheet Forming Material for Interior (Polycarbonate)


Heat Dissipative Materials

Product information on heat dissipative materials.

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