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Honeycomb Panels


The plastic used for aircraft interiors must comply with aviation standards such as FAR set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Phenolic resin which has excellent heat resistance and flame retardancy feature has been widely used as a component of honeycomb panels for aircraft interiors. We, who handle everything from phenolic resin research and development to manufacturing, have established mass production technology for honeycomb panels, which are the final products, in order to further demonstrate the capability of material development.

Production Plant

  • SNC Industrial Laminates SDN BHD. (Malaysia)
    -AS9100 Certified


  • High Performance Plastic Technology Development Laboratory
  • SNC Industrial Laminates SDN BHD. (Malaysia)
    -AS9100 Certified


High production capacity and cost competitiveness

With the 36-opening hot press owned in Malaysia, it is possible to manufacture honeycomb flat panels of 20,000 m2/month with excellent cost competitiveness.

Excellent air/marine transportation access

With a location of 58km to Singapore Airport and 3km to Johor Port of Malaysia, it has good global access.

Variation of resin used and excellent R&D feedback ability

By vertically integrating Phenolic resin and prepreg development and manufacturing capabilities into the development and manufacturing of honeycomb flat panels, we can feed back the requirement of the final product to the materials and use new technologies such as lightweight/high-strength honeycomb panels, which enables us to propose new products.

Surface smoothness for process and cost savings

We achieve excellent honeycomb panel surface smoothness by manufacturing technology cultivated with conventional phenol laminated products. By omitting the filling/sanding process required for interior painting of conventional honeycomb panels, it is possible to reduce the process and manufacturing cost in our customer process.

Providing highly cost competitive engineering panels by expanding processing capacity at the Malaysian plant

We can provide high quality and cost competitive engineering panels including various metals, urethane inserts, shape processing by NC, and edge processing in Malaysia.


Aircraft interior

Galleys, lavatories, overhead bins, crew rests, class dividers, various partitions, various monuments and cargo panels


General properties of sbPanel*
Items Unit Method Typical Value
Aerial Weight kg/m2 - 2.45
Panel Thickness mm - 10
Long Beam** T-dir. N ASTM-C393 837
Short Beam T-dir. 1230
Climing Drum Peel T-dir. ASTM-D1781 140
L-dir. 100
Heat Release Rate Peak kW/m2 FAR 25.853 (d) 31
2min Total kWmin/m2 6
60sec Vertical
Burn length inch 1.3
Extinguishing sec 1.0
Drip time sec No drip
Smoke Density - <25
  • * Panel composition
          Core : Aramid paper honeycomb core, 1/8-inch cell, 3.0lb/ft3
          Skin : #7781, 2 x 2 ply
  • ** LBF Span:Upper 254mm, Lower 508mm⇒ASTM-393 Quarter point
  • 上The above mentioned values are not guaranteed but representative ones.

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