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Upholding this long history, Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. today produces and markets phenolic resin laminates and also epoxy resin laminates. In addition to these traditional areas, Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. is also very actively working to develop advanced new materials, as well as value-added articles to cope with the needs of a new era. We are prepared to provide quality products at reasonable prices always bearing customer needs in mind. Please don't hesitate to consult us on your selection of materials.


  • Shizuoka Plant
  • SNC Industrial Laminates SDN BHD. (Malaysia)


  • High Performance Plastic Technology Development Laboratory


Paper phenolic laminates

It offers a wide range switch, volume materials, flame retardants, and standard material. The total volume produced in Malaysia,and superior in cost performance. Flame retardancy for railway vehicle materialin japan 「鉄道車両用材料燃焼試験」 is also available.

Glass epoxy laminates

From thin to be required of thickness accuracy, thick materials to correspondence is possible. 1200mm × 1200m size is also available.


Industrial Material


Laminates for electric parts (for punching)

Laminates for machines and electrical equipment (for machining)

Polishing & lapping carrier

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