Polycarbonate Plate
PC Corrugated Sheet


PC Corrugated Sheet is made of polycarbonate resin with excellent impact strength and transparency as well as weather resistance. It also has excellent moisture and thermal resistance (at high and low temperatures). PC is highly nonflammable. Plentiful assortment of colors are available for a wide range of uses.


High impact strength

Unlike PVC corrugated sheet, PC material is very hard and not easy to crack or break.

Glass like light transmission

Especially, transparent type has outstanding transparency and light transmission in nearly equal to glass materials.

Weather resistance

Weatherproof treatment on upper side of the corrugated sheet. It ensures longer durability under sunshine.

Applicable for wide temperature range

In practical use, quality will not change at wide range of temperature.
(e.g. no heat deformation at +110°C, standard physical strength at -20°C)

Easy fitting & fabrication

As the shape is same as traditional metallic panels, it does not require any special parts and tools for fitting and fabrication.



Lighting Material


Greenhouse Materials

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PC Smoke Blue Corrugated Sheet, Heat Ray Cutoff Grade

On top of PC corrugated sheet's excellent impact resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance and easy processability, PC Smoke Blue Corrugated Sheet, Heat Ray Cutting Type has heat reflecting property.

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