Polycarbonate Plate
PC Corrugated Sheet AU Grade


PC Configurated sheet AU Grade has improved ammonia resistance on top of high light transmittance. It is suited for drying facilities for manure and excrement.


Ammonia resistance

Improved ammonia resistance by special treatment on the back side surface

Outstanding transparency

Outstanding transparency, suitable for manure and excrement drying house

Impact resistance and durability

Made of polycarbonate resin that guarantee high level shock resentence and endurance

Durable against tough temperature environment

Can be used at severe high (up to 110°C) and severe low (up to -20°C) temperature



Greenhouse Materials


CorrugationGradeColorThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
Slate 32 wavePT 100-32clear0.71105MAX 7000
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PC Corrugated Sheet

PC Corrugated Sheet

PC Corrugated Sheet is made of corrugated PC with excellent impact strength and transparency as well as weather resistance.

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