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Heat Insulation

Phenolic Molding Compounds

Phenolic molding compounds reinforced with glass fiber, organic filler or inorganic filler.

Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Molding Compounds

Long fibre reinforced thermoset molding composite fills a niche in specialities..

Phenolic Resins for Carbon and Carbon Materials

Phenolic resins for binding inorganic materials and thermal insulating applications which are easy to use and offer superior heat resistance, high mechanical strength, flame retardancy and workability.

Other Thermoset Plastic Molding Compounds

Specialized molding compounds such as epoxy, diallyl phthalate or other type (except for phenolic)

Unclad Laminates SUMILITE® PL/EL

Suitable for switches, volumes, terminal boards, distributor boards, jigs, insulation plates for molds and dies.

PC Twin Wall Sheet (Free Size)

PC Twin Wall Sheet is a composite panel that has pneumatic structures made inside of polycarbonate layers.

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