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Thermoplastic Sheets for Aero Interior SUMILITE®FRS


In addition to Acrylic-PVC alloy plate that has been used for railway interiors, SUMILITE® FRS that complies with FSH standards for aircraft interiors such as FAR set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has launched. Color variations with evolved pearl/metallic feel contribute to improve the design and luxury of aircraft interiors. A new antibacterial version has also been added.

Production Plant

  • Kanuma Plant


  • Industrial Functional Materials Research Laboratory


Experience with aircraft premium seats

We have a proven experience in premium and economy seating parts for global aircraft interior companies.

Various color variations

In addition to experience in railways, aircraft interiors and automobile applications, we also have a lineup of color variations unique to aircraft premium interiors.

Excellent chemical resistance

Excellent resistance to chemicals such as detergents and disinfectants including new Antibacterial grades.

Excellent moldability

Excellent moldability with a molding magnification of up to 5 times.

Only one in Asia

We are the only manufacturer of PVC sheet for aircraft interiors with a manufacturing base in Asia.


Aircraft interior

Aircraft interiors and aircraft seat parts


SUMILITE® FRS-5000 series (Low smoke aviation sheet)

Basic properties
Parameter Unit Test Method SUMILITE® FRS
Specific gravity - ASTM D 792 1.45
Tensile strength MPa ASTM D 638 45
Flexural strength MPa ASTM D 790 80
Flexural modulus 2850
Izod impact strength J/m ASTM D 256 60
Heat deflection temperature ASTM D 648 72
Water Absorption ISO 15512 0.34
Vacuum forming expansion rate* 300%
  • These are typical properties and are not intended for specification purpose.
  • * The expansion rate is the comparison of the area of the original material sheet with thseu rface area of the products formed.
Parameter Test method SUMILITE® FRS
Vertical Burn 60sec. FAR 25.853 (a)(i) Pass
Vertical Burn 12sec. FAR 25.853 (a)(ii) Pass
OSU Heat Release FAR 25.853 (d)Part IV Pass
Smoke Density FAR 25.853 (d)Part V Pass
  • These are typical properties and are not intended for specification purpose.

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