Relationships with Society

We strive for earning customer trust and satisfaction, value relations with our stakeholders and enhance understanding and trust, and operating as a member of local communities, contribute to the regions while giving careful consideration to environmental protection issues.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction (CS)

CS Promotion System

Our Company has established a basic policy on the promotion of CS though the CS Promotion Committee. In accordance with this basic policy, divisions and Group companies work together to share the voice (needs) of the customers and improve business processes based on this.

We invite customers in an annual conference to listen to their voices, deepen mutual understanding and build trust through questionnaires and other means. Internally, we hold CS discussion meeting annually to share CS activities and enhance awareness of CS. Each business site and business division creates their own CS Declaration comprised of five principles to suit the nature of its business and environment, all employees continue to evolve. Also, we utilize the company newsletter to convey our philosophy toward CS activities to employees.

Promoting One Sumibe Activities

With customer satisfaction (CS) a top priority, we promote “One Sumibe” by conducting company-wide product marketing activities, deepening relationships with customers, and actively promoting collaboration and cooperation within and outside the company. In the past, information, technology, and ideas that could not be shared because each business was divided vertically were gathered, and with the aim of making product proposals and sales that transcend the boundaries of business divisions, a team is formed to make proposals to customers.

For fiscal 2019 we increased the involvement of the General Manager of the Business Marketing Division and deepened examinations of areas that ought to be focused on in working to evolve these to activities that are adapted to the actual business conditions. We also instituted education via e-learning in order to further instill the “One Sumibe” mentality in employees. We are also considering using the company's newsletter for this. We will continue to share and discuss information among the teams that were started in fiscal 2018 and hold sessions to present the outcomes from this, while also providing information to our overseas locations. In fiscal 2020 we arranged our customers from each segment and will continue to widen the scope of customers we target with our activities.

One Sumibe activity structure

Dissemination of Corporate Information

In order to help stakeholders gain a better understanding of the Group’s diverse activities, we strive to ensure that all our communications comply with applicable laws, regulations and inhouse rules, and use honest, appropriate, and easy to understand display methods and expressions.

Besides the disclosure of corporate information as mandated by law, we use diverse media to disseminate information, such as press releases, advertising in newspapers and magazines, booklets, as well as advertisements in airports, train stations, Shinkansen carriages, and baseball stadiums, signage, along with our website. We made our corporate website compatible with smartphone viewing (Japanese, English and Chinese language versions).

In addition, we display finished products and digital signage that use our products as components or materials at exhibition corners at our business sites and at some product expositions to help customers and business partners understand our products better.

From March 2020
Advertisement displayed on the left outfield fence at Meiji Jingu Stadium

Fujieda MYFC uniforms located in the display corner at our head office (with the company name displayed on the back)

Exhibition corner at the head office

Corner with digital signage displaying products at our head office

Environment-Related Initiatives

Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives

Our company’s business activities rely on nature’s bounty. Following the philosophy of our Responsible Care Activity Guideline, we recognize the importance of conserving biodiversity. As such, we are a promotion partner of “The Declaration of Biodiversity by Nippon Keidanren.” Understanding the importance of biodiversity outlined in the guidelines and reflecting it in the basic management stance, and following these declarations, we are promoting environmental impact reductions, compliance with our procurement policy, and dialogue with communities through preservation activities at biotopes set up at some of our business locations. In terms of our initiatives during the product life cycle, we develop ecofriendly products, while outside of Japan we take part in local initiatives, including those that protect rare tree species.

These initiatives are approved, monitored, reviewed and modified by our Responsible Care Committee.

【TOPIC】Biotope Initiatives

The results of an investigation into the relationship between the business sites of our group worldwide and protected areas where biodiversity is considered important indicated that none of our business sites were located in these areas. Although not a protected area, the results of an ecosystem survey conducted in fiscal 2011 at the site of our Shizuoka Plant located in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, confirmed the presence of Japanese killifish, an IA-rated endangered species. After determining the strong need for preserving the biodiversity of this site, we decided to create a company biotope. The creation and maintenance of the biotope were completed in March 2017. The biotope, which occupies about 5% of the Shizuoka Plant’s 287,000m2 site, is habitat for a wide variety of fauna and flora, including ancient Oga lotus and jewel beetles, among others, in addition to Japanese killifish.

We continue to engage in communication with local communities, such as by spreading the word on the significance of our biotope for biodiversity to the community and supplying some of the Japanese killifish that have taken root and multiplied within our biotope to neighboring locations.

The biotope received a total of 520 visitors in 2019. As a result of actively holding dialogues with neighboring elementary schools, particularly since 2018, we have expanded their understanding of our biotope. People visiting for school events and the like accounted for half of the visitors in 2019. Information about these internal and external initiatives is shared and managed at regular meetings of the Biotope Committee, comprising members from departments at the production plants and head office. In addition, our CSR activities centered on “Ikoi no Mori” (Comfort Forest) won the Chairperson’s Encouragement Award of the Japan Greenery Research and Development Center at the National Award for Factory Greening, which is sponsored by the Japan Greenery Research and Development Center (with the backing of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and other ministries and agencies).

Our goal for the future is to use this to contribute to the community, such as by making this a place for raising environmental awareness by having people who visit it get a firsthand feel for the importance of biodiversity, as well as a place for environmental education.

Irodori no Oka (hill)

Irodori no Oka (hill)

Japanese Irodori no Oka (hill) killifish (Oryzias latipes)

Japanese Irodori no Oka (hill) killifish (Oryzias latipes)

Educational field trip

Educational field trip

Outside commendation

Outside commendation

Initiative to Protect Forest Ecosystems

Our company contributes to conservation of biodiversity by protecting forest environments through supporting forest thinning projects and afforestation activities. Our company has supported forest thinning mainly in Iwate Prefecture since fiscal 2008 by expanding the use of Paper Products that Contribute to Forest Thinning Efforts promoted by the Morino Chonai-Kai (Forest Neighborhood Association). The cumulative amount of this paper used is approximately 70.3 tons, which corresponds to the thinning of 4.55 hectares.

Our business site in Indonesia engages in afforestation activities for growing mangrove forests that protect various species of marine organisms, and is also carrying out a biopori hole campaign to mitigate climate change. Going forward, we will continue to conserve biodiversity tailored to the environment surrounding each of our business sites.

Amount of Paper Products that Contribute to Wood Thinning Efforts Used by Sumitomo Bakelite
BIOPORI hole campaign to mitigate climate change

Indopherin Jaya
BIOPORI hole campaign to mitigate climate change

Environmental Conservation and Beautification Activities in the Surroundings of Plants

We are working to conserve and beautify the areas surrounding each of our production plants by cooperating with local environmental conservation activities and campaigns against illegal dumping of waste as well as cleaning and beautification events organized by local communities.

Durez Corporation (Kenton Plant)
Took part in environmental beautification activities at a park in the vicinity around the plant

Shizuoka Plant
Took part in river cleanup and beautification activities in the local community

Amagasaki Plant
Conducted a water sprinkling campaign to mitigate the heat island effect at the request of Amagasaki City

Hokkai Taiyo Plastic
Participated in a cleanup campaign at the Ishikari Bay New Port area, and collected illegally dumped waste in the industrial park

Initiatives in Society

Support for Japan Inclusive Football Federation

We concluded a partnership agreement with the Japan Inclusive Football Federation (JIFF),*1 as an initiative from the standpoint of respect for diversity and contributing to the realization of a society where everyone can live in harmony. Based on this agreement, we provide support for the development of inclusive soccer sports.

We continued on with our partnership agreements in fiscal 2019, and provided support for the Japan Powerchair Football Championship 2019 that was held in November. Going forward, we will continue to support this activity that broadly seeks to build a society in which people can intermingle and coexist through soccer regardless of their disabilities as an official partner.

  • *1 The Japan Inclusive Football Federation is an organization that brings together seven inclusive soccer sports associations. JIFF carries out activities under its commitment to create a vibrant society that respect’s each person’s uniqueness through the benefits of sports and soccer regardless of disability.
JIFF logo

Environmental and Social Contribution Activities

We participate in an environmental survey program run by NPO Earthwatch Japan as a corporate partner, as part of its educational and social contribution activities as well as to expand the scope of these educational and social contribution activities. In fiscal 2019, we deployed employees out on research investigations to the East Japan Green Restoration Monitoring Project (which monitors and surveys the ecosystems of the regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake), a survey on tidal flats carried out in the tidal flats of Idoura in Sendai City and Hiroura in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture in June.

Living creatures found in the tidal / Hiroura tidal flats

Message from Earthwatch Japan

Recently, large-scale disasters have been occurring as a result of abnormal weather phenomena even in places that are near at hand. There are a wide range of challenges we must deal with, such as climate change and the increasing fragility of our social infrastructure. Companies are being called upon more so than ever before to take part in activities that are conducive to solving these challenges.

Sumitomo Bakelite has been taking part in these survey activities in an ongoing manner for five years. We feel that these foster awareness grounded in science research and study, as well as understanding and interest in environmental conservation by harnessing this. Our hope is that this will give rise to a structure whereby employees who have taken part convey everything from their experiences to their feelings to others around them, thereby conveying this more broadly out to society.

NPO Earthwatch Institute
Executive Director
Tomoko Nunoi


Under the Sumitomo Bakelite Group’s business philosophy (Company Policy), we cooperate on cultural and academic activities such as symphony orchestras, environmental conservation activities such as the Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation that works to actively protect nature and conserve biodiversity, and international events such as the International Chemistry Olympiads (Details: URL on the right) in which senior high school students compete against one another to demonstrate their chemistry capabilities. We also donate directly to specific groups across a wide range of fields including schools and education, social welfare, academic promotion, R&D, regional development, international exchange, and sports for people with disabilities. Through these donations, we are helping to create a better environment and support the development of the next generation.

Looking ahead, we will continue this support to create a brighter future for all people.

Official Partnership Agreement with Fujieda MYFC

Since fiscal 2018, we have been in an official partnership agreement with Fujieda MYFC, a professional soccer club in a J League J3. The team’s home town is the Haibara District of Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where our Shizuoka Plant is located. Therefore, we provide our support to the team as a partner with the goal of lending our cooperation to Fujieda City, which promotes revitalization of the town through soccer, and also to contribute to the community and boost the motivation of our employees.

Fujieda MYFC log

Fujieda MYFC log    

Relations with Local Residents and Participation in Local Events

We are working to enhance the welfare of local communities by proactively interacting with local residents and participating in local events to deepen our ties with them, as well as engaging in volunteer activities and making donations.

Sumitomo Bakelite Europe (Barcelona)
Offering cooperation (donations) to local events (a musical theater in Montornes)

Durez Corporation (Kenton Plant)
Took part as a judge in a regional tournament for a nationwide future city award that local high schools take part in

Akita Sumitomo Bakelite
Donated to neighborhood associations and the executive committee associated with the local Tsuchizaki Shinmeisha Shrine Annual Celebration and Float Festival

SBP Indonesia
Invited children to a breakfast session to break their fast held for Muslim religious reasons

【TOPIC】Donating face shields

The Sumitomo Bakelite Group has begun manufacturing face shields in order to curb the spread of infections from the coronavirus. The first round of face shields we manufactured were donated to medical institutions in the Tokyo Metropolitan Region and Kanagawa Prefecture at the request of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in order to support facilities engaged in medical care that lacked devices to guard against infection. Following this, we began donating these to the governmental agencies in different regions in order for them to be put to use as safety measures for local communities by local municipalities where we have locations from the middle of May 2020.

These were donated to the cities of Fujieda, Amagasaki, and Nogata in May 2020, then to the cities of Akita, Utsunomiya, and Kanuma in June, where they were put to use in medical settings and health care centers in each of these regions.

Kazumi Inamura, Mayor of Amagasaki (left), and Utsunomiya Plant Manager Fumita

Receiving a certificate of appreciation from Eiichi Sato, Mayor of Utsunomiya

Initiatives Relating to Fostering the Next Generation

Welcoming Next Generation Internships and Factory Visits

In order to support the growth of the next generation of students we proactively accept student interns and also welcome students to company briefings and site visit events (factory tours) to aid their understanding of our business and the work carried out at our production plants.

S.B. Techno Plastics (Head Office Plant)
Accepted two interns from Kodamahakuyo High School

Sumitomo Bakelite Europe
Accepted high school interns for quality control at its laboratory

Support for Education of the Next Generation

We are taking the lead in providing support for the education of the next generation as part of an industry-governmentacademia partnership in cooperation with other companies with production plants located in and around Fujieda City.

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