Relationships with Society

We strive for earning customer trust and satisfaction, value relations with our stakeholders and enhance understanding and trust, and operating as a member of local communities, contribute to the regions while giving careful consideration to environmental protection issues.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction (CS)

CS a top priority

Under our policy of making customer satisfaction (CS) is a top priority, our CS Promotion Committee deliberates and determines policies and measures. Meeting on a monthly basis, this committee has convened a total of 234 times, and its activities are firmly rooted in our Company.
Internally, we hold a CS discussion meeting annually to share CS activities and enhance awareness of CS. Each business site and business division creates their own CS Declaration comprised of five CS principles. This year, numerous special arrangements were made in our methods of communicating with customers to accommodate the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in our CS activities in consideration of preventing the spread of infection.
Immediately following the declaration of a state of emergency, we had to postpone the conference we had been holding every year as an opportunity to explain our business operations to customers. But next fiscal year, we will be able to build on our experience with online activities to hold this conference by which we foster mutual understanding and deepen relationships of trust.

Promoting One Sumibe Activities

Our Group promotes “One Sumibe” as one of the key measures. These are activities through which we can provide Company-wide value and better happiness to our customers, rather than deriving from an individual department. By building strong relationships with customers, understanding their deep-seated needs and proposing solutions from the perspective of the whole Company, we aim to make ourselves useful as a problemsolving partner.
In fiscal 2020, we expanded the scope of these activities from our customers in Japan to overseas customers as well, and from priority customers to all customers. Although the activities initially centered on sales and marketing departments, the number of departments that participated in this activity has also increased, such as development themes created by the participation of research departments and support by indirect departments in digital utilization accelerated by the COVID-19. Through e-learning, we have educated all employees while continuing with Companywide product study sessions. The four study sessions that we held were each attended by more than 100 employees.
Our Medium-term Plan for “One Sumibe” activities is aimed at inculcating it as our organizational culture with the intent of activating the Group through participation by each and every one of us.

Dissemination of Corporate Information

In order to help stakeholders gain a better understanding of the Group’s diverse activities, we strive to ensure that all our communications comply with applicable laws, regulations and inhouse rules, and use honest, appropriate, and easy to understand display methods and expressions.

Besides the disclosure of corporate information as mandated by law, we use diverse media to disseminate information, such as press releases, advertising in newspapers and magazines, booklets, as well as advertisements in airports, train stations, Shinkansen carriages, and baseball stadiums, signage, along with our website. We made our corporate website compatible with smartphone viewing (Japanese, English and Chinese language versions).Amid the impact of the spread of COVID-19, we focused effort on disseminating information through video content in fiscal 2020. In addition, at our Company’s exhibition booths and some of our product exhibitions, we display final products and digital signage in which our products are used as parts or materials to help customers and business partners understand our new activities better.

Shizuoka Plant: Automotive Solutions Gallery

Head Office: Display corner

Head Office: Digital signage in a display corner

Environment-Related Initiatives

Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives

Our company’s business activities rely on nature’s bounty. Following the philosophy of our Responsible Care Activity Guideline, we recognize the importance of conserving biodiversity. As such, we are a promotion partner of “The Declaration of Biodiversity by Nippon Keidanren.” Understanding the importance of biodiversity outlined in the guidelines and reflecting it in the basic management stance, and following these declarations, we are promoting environmental impact reductions, compliance with our procurement policy, and dialogue with communities through preservation activities at biotopes set up at some of our business locations. In terms of our initiatives during the product life cycle, we develop ecofriendly products, while outside of Japan we take part in local initiatives, including those that protect rare tree species.

These initiatives are approved, monitored, reviewed and modified by our Responsible Care Committee.

【TOPIC】Biotope Initiatives

The results of an investigation into the relationship between the business sites of our group worldwide and protected areas where biodiversity is considered important indicated that none of our business sites were located in these areas. Although not a protected area, the results of an ecosystem survey conducted in fiscal 2011 at the site of our Shizuoka Plant located in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, confirmed the presence of Japanese killifish, an IA-rated endangered species. After determining the strong need for preserving the biodiversity of this site, we decided to create a company biotope. The creation and maintenance of the biotope were completed in March 2017. The biotope, which occupies about 5% of the Shizuoka Plant’s 287,000m2 site, is habitat for a wide variety of fauna and flora, including ancient Oga lotus and jewel beetles, among others, in addition to Japanese killifish.

We continue to engage in communication with local communities, such as by spreading the word on the significance of our biotope for biodiversity to the community and supplying some of the Japanese killifish that have taken root and multiplied within our biotope to neighboring locations.

During fiscal 2020, the impact of the spread of COVID-19 infections resulted in a major year-on-year decrease in visitor numbers. In addition, under the declaration of a state of emergency, admission of school study excursions was canceled to prevent the spread of contagion.

Meanwhile, elementary schools in the vicinity were already aware of the biodiversity conservation activities centering on the biotope, resulting in an increase during fiscal 2020 of requests for visiting guest lessons provided at schools. Conservation methods for Japanese killifish and our Company’s SDGs efforts were presented to a total of about 300 schoolchildren at three nearby elementary schools. Children who underwent the lessons wrote compositions expressing their thoughts, and school faculty expressed their appreciation upon hearing about the actual efforts of industry with respect to SDGs. Amid ongoing concern over the spread of COVID-19 infections, ensuring that these efforts take root represents one means of deepening our ties with our local community.

Biotope general information sign

Japanese killifish (Oryzias latipes)

Oga lotus

Elementary school excursion and lesson

Elementary school visiting guest lesson

Thank-you notes from the schoolchildren

Initiative to Protect Forest Ecosystems

Our company contributes to conservation of biodiversity by protecting forest environments through supporting forest thinning projects and afforestation activities. Our company has supported forest thinning mainly in Iwate Prefecture since fiscal 2008 by expanding the use of Paper Products that Contribute to Forest Thinning Efforts promoted by the Morino Chonai-Kai (Forest Neighborhood Association). The cumulative amount of this paper used is approximately 76.3 tons, which corresponds to the thinning of 5.13 hectares.

Our business site in Indonesia engages in afforestation activities for growing mangrove forests that protect various species of marine organisms, and is also carrying out a biopori hole campaign to mitigate climate change. Going forward, we will continue to conserve biodiversity tailored to the environment surrounding each of our business sites.

Indopherin Jaya: BIOPRI Hall movement to alleviate climate change
(The SI MAK NGEBOR program, run by the Probolinggo Environmental City Hall and the local community)

Environmental Conservation and Beautification Activities in the Surroundings of Plants

We are working to conserve and beautify the areas surrounding each of our production plants by cooperating with local environmental conservation activities and campaigns against illegal dumping of waste as well as cleaning and beautification events organized by local communities.

Sumitomo Bakelite (Nantong) Co., Ltd.
Cleaning up trash with local volunteers in a Nantong city park

Amagasaki Plant
Participation in Tasogare Clean Campaign, a municipally run program of litter education and clean-up

Initiatives in Society

Support for Japan Inclusive Football Federation

We concluded a partnership agreement with the Japan Inclusive Football Federation (JIFF),*1 as an initiative from the standpoint of respect for diversity and contributing to the realization of a society where everyone can live in harmony. Based on this agreement, we provide support for the development of inclusive soccer sports.

Although Inclusive Football activities themselves were restricted during fiscal 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued our partnership agreement.

Going forward, we will continue to support this activity that broadly seeks to build a society in which people can intermingle and coexist through soccer regardless of their disabilities as an official partner.

  • *1 The Japan Inclusive Football Federation is an organization that brings together seven inclusive soccer sports associations. JIFF carries out activities under its commitment to create a vibrant society that respect’s each person’s uniqueness through the benefits of sports and soccer regardless of disability.
JIFF logo

Official Partnership Agreement with Fujieda MYFC

Since fiscal 2018, we have been in an official partnership agreement with Fujieda MYFC, a professional soccer club in a J League J3. The team’s home town is the Haibara District of Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where our Shizuoka Plant is located. Therefore, we provide our support to the team as a partner with the goal of lending our cooperation to Fujieda City, which promotes revitalization of the town through soccer, and also to contribute to the community and boost the motivation of our employees.

Fujieda MYFC log

Fujieda MYFC log    

Fiscal 2020 Match Day

Relations with Local Residents and Participation in Local Events

We are working to enhance the welfare of local communities by proactively interacting with local residents and participating in local events to deepen our ties with them, as well as engaging in volunteer activities and making donations.

We are working to enhance the welfare of local communities by proactively interacting with local residents and participating in local events to deepen our ties with them, as well as engaging in volunteer activities and making donations. We also cooperated with local government bodies and medical facilities during fiscal 2020 on suppressing the spread of COVID-19 infections.

Sumitomo Bakelite Europe(Barcelona), S.L.U
Having introduced SAP in 2019, it was then necessary to replace computers in order to ensure the program’s operation, so 14 computers (including display, keyboard and mouse peripherals) were donated to the City Council of Montornès.

【TOPIC】Face shield donation, stockpile agreements

In order to suppress the spread of COVID-19 infections, our Company Group manufactures face shields and ensures that they can be used in regional community safety measures by donating them to local government bodies and entering into stockpile agreements.

Shizuoka Plant: Face shield donation (left), stockpile agreement (right)

【TOPIC】Support for medical professionals (Promerus, LLC)

As COVID-19 infections spread, hospitalizations increased in tandem with the rising infection rate. Many hospitals did not have sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) to deal with the increase in caseload. The area of Northeastern Ohio, where Promerus, LLC is located, was no exception. A call for PPE donations was put out to the general public through the health department. With Promerus, therefore made two donations of PPE through the Summit County Public Health Department to support local medical professionals, including a total of 11,400 gloves, 36 safety goggles, 3 face shields and 1,000 shoe covers, as well as protective clothing.


Under our Company Group's business philosophy (Company Policy), we cooperate on cultural and academic activities such as symphony orchestras, environmental conservation activities such as the Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation that works to actively protect nature and conserve biodiversity, and international events such as the International Chemistry Olympiads (Details: URL on the right) in which senior high school students compete against one another to demonstrate their chemistry capabilities. We also donate directly to specific groups across a wide range of fields including the Akita Prefecture “Corporate Version of Hometown Tax,” Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, and the EU Japan Fest Japan Committee, in addition to schools and education, social welfare, academic promotion, R&D, regional development, international exchange, and sports for people with disabilities. Through these donations, we are helping to create a better environment and support the development of the next generation.
Looking ahead, we will continue this support to create a brighter future for all people.

Initiatives Relating to Fostering the Next Generation

Welcoming Next Generation Internships and Factory Visits

In order to support the growth of the next generation of students we proactively accept student interns and also welcome students to company briefings and site visit events (factory tours) to aid their understanding of our business and the work carried out at our production plants.

Shizuoka Plant
Graduate students were accepted for internships at the Corporate Engineering Center

Amagasaki Plant
Local government council members were invited to join in a plant tour.

Support for Education of the Next Generation

We are taking the lead in providing support for the education of the next generation as part of an industry-governmentacademia partnership in cooperation with other companies with production plants located in and around Fujieda City.

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