Human Rights Education

Our company prohibits discrimination and harassment within Our Code of Conduct and other regulations, with this including at our group companies as well. We offer education related to our Code of Conduct when employees join the company, and promote awareness of human rights. We give consideration to and practically implement education to raise awareness of human rights that we as a company ought to address, and encourage each and every one of our employees to adopt a proper understanding when it comes to discrimination and various types of harassment out in society at large.

Every year, we provide education to all of our employees via e-learning to coincide with Human Rights Week in December. This deepens employees’ understanding of typical types of harassment, including power harassment, sexual harassment, and maternity harassment, which are social problems, and teaches them points to be aware of to ensure that they do not perpetrate harassment. Communication amid the rapid expansion of remote work were taken up as part of efforts to prevent harassment. It has been designed to be a specific, easy-to-understand educational program that introduces employees to case studies and contact points to consult with in the event that they are harassed. We recognize that the problem of harassment is a risk that is always liable to occur, regardless of the size of the workplace. But we will move ahead in creating spirited workplaces where it is easy to work and in which employees respect one another’s individual character and human rights. The Group has announced our endorsement of the aims of the My Jinken Declaration project by the Ministry of Justice and the National Federation of Consultative Assemblies of Civil Liberties Commissioners. The My Jinken Declaration is an initiative to realize a society in which everyone mutually respects human rights, and companies, organizations, and individuals declare that
they  will  take  actions  to respect human rights.



Our Company’s My Jinken Declaration

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