Health Management

Our company strives to create workplaces conducive to the maintenance of employees’ good health, both physical and mental. Our employee health management activities are primarily based on the results of regularly scheduled health checks. In particular, employees over 30 years old are entitled to receive cancer screening (stomach and intestines) and those over 40 years old can receive abdominal ultrasonography as well. We offered health guidance to employees to help prevent lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia. By ensuring that employees properly understand the results of health checks and receive timely diagnoses and guidance from in-house and external industrial physicians and other medical staff, the Company is contributing to the prevention or amelioration of lifestyle diseases.

In addition, employees engaged in work that involves use of organic solvents and specified chemical substances receive special health checkups twice a year for early detection and prevention of health problems attributable to occupational diseases. We also provide opportunities for employees to receive health consultations at their own discretion with industrial medical staff who offer advice on physical and mental health issues.

In order to promote health, we are strengthening employee education based on the understanding that it is important for individual employees to be aware of prevention. With regard to mental health, for which detection at an early stage is deemed as important, education is provided to all employees and proves useful in the acquisition and enhancement of their knowledge. Furthermore, consultations with physicians are arranged once a year for employees who wish to undergo a stress check.The necessary measures are implemented based on the results of the examination, and efforts are made to improve the workplace environment based on the results of a group analysis. For employees suffering from mental health issues, measures are put in place in line with a support program designed to help them return to work and to prevent relapses through the concerted effort of their superiors, people in charge of labor affairs, industrial physicians, and healthcare staff.

As part of the Data Health Plan, we are implementing an initiative to prevent the worsening of illnesses. and event-based health information useful for employees and their families to maintain and improve their health. Subjects of assessment are divided into ranks, and medical staff offer advice appropriate to each rank, while also focusing on specific health guidance. Grade-based mental health education is also offered online as a measure to promote mental health.

[TOPIC]Health Instruction Held Online to Raise Health Awareness

Continuing from the previous year, health classes were conducted in collaboration between Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. and the Sumitomo Bakelite Health Insurance Association as part of the Data Health Plan put forward under the guidance of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), with the aim of improving lifestyle habits and health awareness among employees. In light of the spread of COVID-19, three programs, including stretching exercises using plastic bottles, were conducted live online.

In the next fiscal year and beyond, we plan to continue to implement programs to promote employee health while keeping infection prevention in mind.

Online health instruction

Online health instruction

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