Corporate Governance

  • Basic Approach to Corporate Governance
  • History of strengthening of corporate governance
  • Management System
  • Appointment and Remuneration Committee
  • Executive Remuneration
  • Analysis and Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Board of Directors
  • Internal Control
  • Directors and Corporate Auditors Skills Matrix
  • Corporate Governance Report

Risk Management

  • Risk Management Structure  
  • Major Risk Selection and Approval Process
  • Major risk content, potential impacts, and responses
  • Business Continuity Plans (BCPs)
  • Information Security Measures


  • Basic Approach and Policy Related to Compliance
  • Compliance System
  • Compliance Slogans
  • Compliance awareness using comics
  • Whistle-blowing System
  • Monitoring
  • Data on Compliance

Anti-Corruption Policies and Initiatives

  • Anti-Bribery Policies and Initiatives
  • Other Anti-Corruption Policies and Initiatives
  • Whistleblowing System against Corruption

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