Closure and Production Transfer of Yamaroku Kasei Industry Co., Ltd.

March 28, 2024

Tokyo, Japan – March 28, 2024 Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4203 HQ: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Kazuhiko Fujiwara) announces that it has decided to close Yamaroku Kasei Industry Co., Ltd., a 100% owned subsidiary of our company, which produces phenolic molding compounds, and consolidate its production products at Shizuoka Plant of our company.

1. Background and Details of the Closure

Yamaroku Kasei Industry Co., Ltd. has been producing phenolic molding compounds and other products since 1948. However, since the company is located in an urban area and has no room for plant expansion, we decided to consolidate production at our company Shizuoka Plant (2100 Takayanagi, Fujieda City, Shizuoka) in consideration of the concentration of management resources and stable supply.

2. Schedule for suspending operations.

We will suspend the operations in two phases, one at the end of February 2025 and the other at the end of October 2025, for each manufacturing grades.

3. Commencing operations at Shizuoka Plant

Shizuoka plant will commencing operations in two stages, March 2025 and November 2025, for each product type.
*Yamaroku Kasei Industry Co., Ltd. will operate as usual during the transfer process.

Overview of Yamaroku Kasei Industry Co., Ltd.

Name Yamaroku Kasei Industry Co., Ltd.
Address 19-10 Katayamacho, Kashiwara-city, Osaka
Representative Yasuhiro Takenaka, Representative Director
Site Area 7,385m2
Year of Establishment 1948
Capital 50 million yen
Main products phenolic molding compounds, melamine phenolic molding compounds

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