Toward the Realization of Sustainability


"Purpose"/"Business Philosophy"/"Vision"/"Our Code of Conduct"

Business Philosophy

“Our Company places prime importance on trust and sureness, and shall commit itself to contributing to the progress of society and enhancement of people's welfare and livelihood through its business activities.”

This Business Philosophy is in line with the abovementioned Sumitomo Group's Business Philosophy, and this Business Philosophy connotes the followings:

1. We value trust and confidence of all concerned and endeavor to meet all the expectations given to us as an entity under the name of Sumitomo.
2. We take steadfast steps in managing our Group without pursuing speculative profit.
3. We make contributions to prosperity of the nation and improvement of people's life through our business activities of research, development, production and sales of creative and innovative plastics.


Toward a sustainable society through expanding the potential of plastics


We aim to become “a company that makes your dreams for the future a reality” by creating value for our clients.

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1. A company that contributes to solving social issues and continuously grows and evolves
2. A company that walks together with customers and other stakeholders
3. A company where employees can be active

Our Code of Conduct

1. We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and provide products and services that satisfy our customers.
2. We conduct fair and transparent business activities in accordance with laws, regulations, and corporate ethics.
3. We are committed to creating a safe working environment and maintaining and promoting good health.
4. We actively promote efforts to preserve the global environment.
5. We respect the human rights of all those involved in our group's business.


History of Value Creation

History of Value Creation

Value Creation Process


Relations with Stakeholders

The stakeholders of the Sumitomo Bakelite Group are the same as those defined in the Corporate Governance Code, and check that our Board of Directors implements each principle of the Corporate Governance Code of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
There have not been any major concerns up to this point; we value our relationship with all our stakeholders, and we promote our business while engaging with them. Those stakeholders with whom we engage are those linked to our materiality items*.

Stakeholders Main Responsibilities Main Methods of Communication
Customers We work in good faith to live up to our responsibilities related to such issues as product quality, delivery dates, and prices as well as to quickly respond to customer needs. To achieve this, we have established the CS Promotion Committee, which continuously endeavors to improve customer satisfaction. ● Communication through daily routine business activities
● Quality assurance support
● Information exchange at exhibitions and similar event
● Providing information and customer support through the website
Shareholders & investors We are committed to distributing stable dividends in accordance with consolidated performance and are taking steps to disclose all relevant information.To attain these goals, we are increasing the rigor of corporate governance, and ensuring the timely disclosure of relevant information.357 people attended our fiscal 2022 business results presentation. ● Shareholders' meeting
● Business results presentation
● Response to press reporting
● Issuance of reports for shareholders
● Website-based information disclosure
Local residents Operating as a member of local communities, we seek to contribute to the regions in which the Group operates while giving careful consideration to environmental protection issues.We disclose information to local residents by organizing factory tours and proactively participating in local events. ● Interaction and mutual dialogue with local residents
● Participation in local events
● Welcoming next-generation internships and factory visits
● Environmental conservation and beautification activities in local areas
● Various activities with economic and industry organizations
Government entities Besides maintaining rigorous compliance with relevant laws and regulations, we endeavor to make information publicly available and engage in two-way communication with local government entities.For this purpose, we are establishing internal mechanisms for monitoring the revision and enactment of laws. ● Dialogue with local and regional governments
● Various activities and dialogues with economic and industry organizations
● Survey/questionnaire responses
● Various notifications
Business partners We engage in impartial and fair business transactions and cooperate with our business partners to realize CSR procurement objectives.Accordingly, we ensure both companies fulfill their social responsibilities through survey forms, questionnaires, contract conditions, and day-to-day dialogue with business partners. ● Dialogue through purchasing & procurement activities
● Dialogue through survey forms, questionnaires, laws and regulations, and conclusion of contracts containing provisions concerning corporate social responsibility
● Website-based public disclosure of information
Employees We strive to create safe and pleasant working environments and provide employees with meaningful and satisfying careers. We are endeavoring to reduce workplace risks by implementing diverse risk assessments, and we are providing all employees with educational opportunities through the SB School. ● All-employee education through SB School
● Implementing varied human resource development & training
● Regular central gatherings, regular labor-management gatherings, and labor-management gatherings on occupational health and safety
● Provision of information through monthly internal publication
● President's web page, intranet
● Whistleblower System, Consultation Contact Point

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