Promoting Business That Helps Solve Social Issues

VISION) We aim to become “a company that makes your dreams for the future a reality” by creating value for our clients.

In order to fulfill our responsibility as a member of society as we meet stakeholder expectations, it is necessary that we think together as one about healthy, sustainable corporate growth and medium-term increase in corporate value. We proactively engage in management with consideration for ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) through business operations that create new advanced functions from plastics.

Solving social issues through business

Our Business Philosophy is that: “Our Company places prime importance on trust and sureness, and shall commit itself to contributing to the progress of society and enhancement of people’s welfare and livelihood through its business activities.” In keeping with this, we have helped solve social issues that have arisen from time to time by expanding the potential of plastics through technological innovation.” Based on this thinking, we engage in ESG management in order to help solve social issues, defining our materialities as “issues related to ensuring harmony with environment,” “issues related to providing safety and peace of mind,” “issues impacting society,” and “issues representing the foundation of business activities.”

Materiality determination process

In fiscal 2015, we identified our Company’s materiality (priority items) in order to determine the social issues we should address and to carry out sustainability activities closely in tune with the needs and expectations of stakeholders in an integrated manner on a company-wide basis. In fiscal 2016 and beyond, we have been reviewing and will continue to review the materiality we have identified, and continue to carry out activities.


Select issues by referring to the GRI’s fourth generation Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4), ISO26000, and other international guidelines on the basis of our previous sustainability activities.


Evaluate the selected issues in terms of their impact on our Group and stakeholders, and select 14 items that are of particularly high priority through internal consultations.

3.Confirmation of Validity

Hold hearings with departments within the company regarding the 14 high priority items and narrow this down to 11. Then verify these with external experts and confirm their validity at our internal Responsible Care Committee.


Promote sustainability activities based on the materiality of these 11 items, and have external experts and employees review the contents of said activities. Harness the results of these reviews to report and plan future activities.

Fiscal 2016 and Beyond Initiatives for

Go through the PDCA cycle based on the materiality items. Also, move forward with arranging the relevance between materiality and our business activities (provision of value) and the SDGs and entrench this within the company. Then analyze any gaps by referring to the GRI Standards.

Our activities and proper stance on the environment, society, and governance

The materiality items of our Group are as follows. We examine the activities of our business operations that involve ESG with reference to SDGs, and then promote those operations through which we can contribute to solving social issues, advancing initiatives toward specific materialities so as to help achieve SDGs.

Solving social issues through business

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