High heat resistance and high insulation thermosetting resin
improves functionality and reliability of electric power train.

e-Axle Solution

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Technical Tips on Advanced e-Axle are here.
It can materialize Higher Energy Efficiency, Weight Minimization, Higher Continuous Power, Excellent Thermal Management, Volume minimization & Lower NVH on Electrification.

Special Transfer Molding Compound for Electric Vehicle Motor(IPM) Magnet Fixing

As a magnet fixing material for IPM motors, it achieves high heat resistance, high mechanical strength and high productivity. It is possible to fill even narrow gaps of 100 um level, contributing to higher performance of IPM motors.

Molding Compound for Stator Coil Encapsulation

Greatly contribution to the design flexibility and improving the functionality for EV/HEV drive motors.

Epoxy coating powder SUMILITERESIN® ECP

Special material for insulation components.
Our ECP is suitable for insulation, stator-coil, armature, etc.

Special Molding Compound for Electric Part Mounting Circuit Board

Molding compounds has excellent moldability, and contriibute to Downsizing, Higher Reliability of Various Modules by Direct Molding

Special Molding Compound for power control module

We have developped high reliabiity EMC(Epoxy molding compund) which has high heat resistance, heat dissipation and insulation perfomance for power device. We can also provide your PKG design flexiblity and high productivity by transfer molding system.

High Thermal Conductive Silver Paste

To meet the needs for high voltage / high current and solder replacement for power devices, we propose low electrical resistance and high thermal conductivity material with resin compounding and sintering technology.

Liquid Epoxy Resin SUMIMAC® ECR/ECH

Special material for insulation components.Our ECR is suitable for insulation, IBGT module, Ignition-coil, etc.

High Thermal Conductive Materials

Reliable and high thermal conductive materials are made based on our formulas and production techniques. Adopting to LED Headlight and Power Module.

Insulation for Bus bar

Special material for Bus-bar. Our materials are excellent insulasion property and suitable for bus-bar and stator coil.

Electrostatic Dissipative Films

We provide fuctional products suitable for electric component mounting process and support production yield improvement, by proprietary base-film formulation, anti-electrostatic and adhesion property technology.

Non-Halogen series Flame Retardant polycarbonate film for electric insulation

It is a halogen-free material that combines UL 94 (V-0, VTM0) and CTI: 0 (600 V or more). Applicable to high voltage equipment (OBC, inverter converters and power supplies).


Battery Solutions

We're able to propose battery's solution conbined with our products having produced results. We are going to contribute for battery safety, design, flexibility and improved functionality.


Thermoset Resin Unclad Laminate Board

We propose the realization of resinification for various metal products. You can achive weight reduction, cost reduction, and metallic foreign matter reduction of existing metal products.


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