High heat resistance and high insulation thermosetting resin
improves functionality and reliability of electric power train.

Thermoset Resin Unclad Laminate Board

Contributes to High Heat Resistance, High Intensity,
High Punching Performance, High Thickness Accuracy
and Surface Smoothness.


Unclad Laminates board is available to use in Strength / Electrical insulation / Chemical property necessary ways
Glass Epoxy Laminate

Thick material ready for processing

Polishing carrier

  • It has good thickness accuracy, and good mechanical strength.
  • 1200x1200mm size is available.
Glass Epoxy Laminate

Punching process

Thick material fixture and for processing

  • EU standard for railway vehicle EN45545-2 R24 and vehicle material combustion performance test (flame retardant) certified.

Electric checker, Jig, metal jig substitute materials

  • High-performance Laminate Materials which are excellent compared to conventional materials in terms of machinability and dimensional stability.
Classification Test item Condition Unit Glass Epoxy
Paper Phenolic
Synthetic wood
Physical Property Specific Gravity 1.8 1.3 2.8 7.8 2.5 0.98
Water Absorption E-24/50 +D-24/23 % 0.01 0.19 0 0 0
A 4
Rockwell Hardness A HRC 60 52
HRB 52
HRM 110 110
HRR 95
Mechanical Flexural Strength A MPa 390 130 157 275 39~79 39
Electrical Withstand Voltage C-90/20/65 MV/m 18 13以上 5~35
Insulating Volume Resistivity A Ωcm 1015< 1011< 10-6 10-5 1015<
Heat Resistant Appearance After Heating E-2/130 No Significant Change No Significant Change No Significant Change No Significant Change No Significant Change Change Color
Flammability Flammability A 94V-0 94V-0 No Burns No Burns No Burns Burns
Chemical Acid × × ×
Alkali × × ×
Alcohol ×

・The data table shown are representative values, not guaranteed values.
・The Aluminum, Steel, Glass and Synthetic wood values given are representative values. Values will be changed according to measuring method, Please use as a guide only.

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