In the connected and AD/ADAS fields, it supports the enhancement of
sensing functions and high-speed communication from the material aspect.

Ultra-multilayer Selective Wavelength Reflection Film
(Under Development)

This is a cover material for sensors using infrared rays, which is increasingly in demand in ADAS. Materials with selective wavelength barrier function improve sensing performance.

Thermosetting Molding Compounds for 3D-circuit MID [Molded Interconnect Device]
(Under Development)

Contributing to Downsizing, Light-weighting, Number of parts reduction and process reduction Contributing to High Reliability 3D-circuit MID by using Thermosetting resin.

Innovative Interposer Material for Semiconductor Package “LαZ®

Low CTE, High Modulus and high reliability substrate material can be provided witht high and stable quality, which can support to realize thinner and higher density advanced IC package.

Polymer Waveguide for In-Vehicle Network (Under Development)

A large amount of data obtained from cameras and LiDARs is transmited to the ECU at high speed using the optical harness with the polymer waveguide.

Stretchable electrode and wiring material DuraQ®
(Under Development)

We will contribute to Driver vital sensing by the Strechable electrode and wiring materials.

Photosensitive Dielectric Materials
for Mini/Micro LED Display
(Under Development)

It is a photosensitive material with processing performance suitable for the fine process required for manufacturing micro LED displays. Has excellent insulation reliability and heat resistance reliability.

High dielectric Molding Compounds for
5G/Millimeter wave antenna
(Under Development)

Epoxy resin molding material with high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss tangent. The wavelength shortening effect of radio waves contributes to the miniaturization of 5G/millimeter wave antennas.

For integrated onboard mechanical and electrical applications

Substrate materials that provide both high reliability and heat resistance required for next-generation circuit boards. We also offer automotive and electromechanical applications.

Epoxy Molding Compound with Low Dk/Df

Epoxy resin molding compound with low Dk/Df. This compound contributes to low transmission loss in semiconductor packages for RF devices.

Electrochromic Sheet (Under Development)

This material is suitable for wearable devices such as eyewear and smart glasses. Transmittance can be freely changed by electric switching according to the usage scenes.

High Durable Low Reflection Polycarbonate Sheet (Under Development)

Low reflection surface with wipe resistance. Contribute to improving sensing enhancement.

Anti-Fog Coated Polycarbonate Sheet

Thermo-formable anti-fog coated polycarbonate sheet. Contribute to stable sensing and comfortable visibility.

Contract Analysis
& Testing Service

We offer testing service for various materials used for automotive and other industrial fields. Our testing specialty is the dielectric properties at gigahertz frequencies, mechanical property, thermal property, and weatherability.

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