In the connected and AD/ADAS fields, it supports the enhancement of
sensing functions and high-speed communication from the material aspect.

Photosensitive Dielectric Materials
for Mini/Micro LED Display (Under Development)

Materials for fine process


CRX-7000 series

* Under development

Can be adhered to various materials after patterning (ex. Si, Polyimide, etc.)
CRX-3000 series

Excellent adhesion to Cu which is typical wiring material

No delamination after 125℃/100%/100hrs * JIS D0202
CRX-4000 series
High transparency can be maintained after 500 hours of blue LED light exposure.

The values shown above are typical values, not guaranteed values.

Core technology

Excellent litho. performance
Available substrate : Cu, Si, glass, etc.
Available thickness: 3~25μm
⇒ High levels of freedom
in forming structure
Excellent insulation reliability
High insulation can be maintained
after 130℃/85%/3.5V/200hrs.
Extensive lineup
  • Handling positive tone and negative tone
  • Viscosity can be optimized upon request.
  • Both spin coating and slit coating are available.

Application examples

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