High heat resistance and high insulation thermosetting resin
improves functionality and reliability of electric power train.

Special Molding Compound for Electric Part Mounting Circuit Board

Molding compounds contribute to a better heat dissipation, Smaller, Higher Reliability, and Process-reduction of Various Modules by Direct Molding.


Thermal management
  • Adjusted heat dissipation by compounding technology (Thermal conductivity:0.8~8W/mK)
  • Molded with heat sink

Narrow filling and hight adhesion, High heat dissipation pass formation

Heat conduction simulation

By devising the shape, there is a possibility of heat dissipation equal to or better than the aluminum case.

  • Caseless structure
  • Mountng part is moldable
  • Good adhesion

Simultaneous molding of substrate and stator is possible

Abundant lineup
  • Materials suitable for various molding methods
  • Supply from 5 factories in the world
  • Lineup of materials stored at room temperature

Core technology

Excellent formability
  • Moldable from small to large modules

actual achievement
・Volume: ~300cc
・Area: 20 × 30cm

Encapsulation example Aluminum electrolytic capacitor
  • No deformation due to low pressure molding.
Good adhesion
  • Excellent adhesion between epoxy resin and solder resist

Comprete molding (scanned by Ultra Sonic)

Reliability of solder junction
  • Prevention of solder cracks
  • No solder cracks due to optimizing the coefficient of linear expansion of mold resin and substrate

Reduce nonlinear distortion, 92%

Application examples

Various sensor modules
  • Sensors for Robots
  • Sensors for Edge device
Various sensor modules
  • Coil
  • Film capacitor
  • ECU with High voltage circuit
  • Integrated Heat exchanger module

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