High heat resistance and high insulation thermosetting resin
improves functionality and reliability of electric power train.

Molding Compound for Stator Coil Encapsulation

Greatly contribution to the design flexibility
and improving the functionality
for EV/HEV drive motors.


* Suitable not only for drive motors, but also for auxiliary motors and axial gap motors!

Conventional process

Insulating paper + liquid resin immersion, etc.

Proposed process

Encapsule with epoxy molding compound

proposed process
Image of cross section of stator coil
Conventional process

No filling of coil gap

Proposed process

Filling of coil gap

Cooling effect (150kW simulation)

Efficiently dissipation of the heat generated in the coil → Coil temperature reduction

Simulation conditions

Inside heat:110 [W/slot]
Coolant:Ethylene glycol water 50%
Input flow rate:0.6 (kg/min)/slot]
Liquid temperature:65 [℃]

Conventional process

Around coil : No filling >200°C

Proposed process

Filling with 1W/mK Compound 164°C

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