High heat resistance and high insulation thermosetting resin
improves functionality and reliability of electric power train.

Battery Solutions

Contribution for battery safety, design flexibility and improved functionality

Insulation between lithium-ion battery cells

Flame-retardant insulation policarbonate sheet
  • ・End separator applicable
  • ・Halogen-free, Flame retardant, Heat resistant sheet
  • ・Anti-static treatment on both surface
Phenolic Molding Compound
Thermosetting resin unclad material
  • ・Prevention of fire damage
  • ・High insulation property
  • ・Heat resistance and thermal insulation
  • ・Higher reliability

Material for Battery Tray/Cover

Phenolic molding compound
Long fiber reinforced penolic molding compounds
  • ・Preventing fire damage
  • ・Thermal insulation
  • ・High strength, high rigidity, and impact resistance
  • ・Creep resistance

Materials for BMS, Sensors

Special molding compound for electric part mounting circuit board
  • ・Improvement of insulation property
  • ・High_thermal conductivity (0.8~8W)
  • ・Flame retardance
  • ・Higher reliability
  • Vibration resistance
  • Higher rigidity

Material for Bus bar

Epoxy coating powder
  • ・Electrical insulation
  • ・Heat resistance
  • ・Flame retardance

In-process part materials

Mold release film for all-solid-state battery press process
  • ・Press pressure equalization (shape following)
  • ・Releasability

Materials for junction boxes

High dimensional accuracy phenolic molding compound
  • ・Reduction of the number of terminal block parts
  • ・Collarless possible by high creep resitance

Terminal block

Unsaturated polyester molding compounds
  • ・Tracking resistance (600V<)
  • ・Flame retardance
  • ・Electrical insulation


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