High heat resistance and high insulation thermosetting resin
improves functionality and reliability of electric power train.

Epoxy coating powder SUMILITERESIN® ECP

ECP is coating powder for insulation based on epoxy resin.
It has high reliability, workability, good Electric properties.


Excellent T/C, Robustness & Heat resistance.


For Bus bar
For Motor
For Electronic parts
Properties of cured material
item Condition·Unit ECP-380 ECP-401 standard powder
feature Heat-cycle resistance
Adhesiveness with Cu
Standard grade
Curing condition temperature × time 160 ℃ × 40min. 180 ℃ × 30min. 160 ℃ × 40min.
Tg TMA method·℃ 135 125 115
Coefficient of
linear thermal expansion
TMA method·ppm 28 47 32
Flexural strength room temperature·Mpa 120 78 95
Bent deflection room temperature·mm 3.5 12 3.0
Shear tensile strength Cu·room temperature·Mpa 13 20 13
Flame Resistance UL94 Equivalent V-0
Dielectric breakdown voltage room temperature·kV/mm 40 26 32
Heat-cycle resistance -40 ℃ ⇔150 ℃
Coated TP(Cu)
2500 cycles 500 cycles

These are representative values, not specification.

Heat-cycle resistance
Flexural test

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