High heat resistance and high insulation thermosetting resin
improves functionality and reliability of electric power train.

Non-Halogen series Flame Retardant polycarbonate film for electric insulation

Flame-Retardant PC film for insulation
with a thickness of 0.05 - 0.83 mm
UL 94 V-0, VTM-0 certified

Types of products

roll : 600 mm Width × 100 - 600 m
cut sheet 600 x 1200 mm


Punching, Bending, Adhesion, Vacuum forming
  • ①The only non-halogen FR PC with UL CTI: 0 (600V or more) (V-Series)
    *according to our research
  • ②Antistatic treatment is standard in all lineup
  • ③Design for Environment (Compliance with laws and regulations)
    • No intentional addition of PFBS* (Y-Series)
      *One of SVHC, which was added JAN 2020 as 22nd revision
    • Compliance for ErP (Energy-related Products) directive, Lot 5
  • ④Thin insulating part can be made by vacuum forming

Standard products

Article No. Color Thickness (mm)
0.05 0.075 0.1 0.125 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.41 0.5 0.83
VHF150MAB Natural               V-0 V-0 V-0
VHF850MAB Black               V-0 V-0 V-0
PHF151MAB Half clear           VTM-0 VTM-0      
PHF851MAB Black         VTM-0 VTM-0 VTM-0      
PHF860MAB Black VTM-2 VTM-2 VTM-0 VTM-0            


In-vehicle Onboard charger Inverter, Converter internal insulation
In-vehicle Onboard charger Inverter, Converter internal insulation
EEV charging infrastructure
EV charging infrastructure
Battery cell pack isulation
Battery cell pack isulation
Power conditioner
Power conditioner

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