High heat resistance and high insulation thermosetting resin
improves functionality and reliability of electric power train.

Special Molding Compound
for power control module

We have developped high reliabiity EMC (Epoxy molding compund) which has high heat resistance, heat dissipation and insulation perfomance for power device. We can also provide your PKG design flexiblity and high productivity by transfer molding system.


Excellent properties (insulation, heat dissipation, heat resistance, and adhesiveness) contribute to miniaturization and high performance.
High Heat Resistance
Development of SiC / GaN compatible material
Property Unit G720 G780 New
Status In Mass Production In Mass Production Sample Sample
Resin system Epoxy New Epoxy1 New Epoxy2 Non-Epoxy
Tg 195 195 240 260
Weight loss
>2 <2 <2 <2
Adhesion (Ni) 1.0 1.6 1.3 1.0
Dielectric breakdown kV/mm 21 22 22 23
High Heat Dissipation
5W material is started mass production For 8W and 10W is under development
High Reliability
Development of HTRB compatible material
High Insulation Resistance
Creeping distance becomes shorter by high CTI

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