Pharmaceutical Products Packaging Materials (Materials for PTP)
SUMILITE® VSS Series (Monolayer Unplasticized Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets)


SUMILITE® VSS series consists of monolayer nonplasticized rigid polyvinyl chloride sheets manufactured by our modern calendering equipment under stringent controls along with GMP (good Manufacturing Practice).


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Highly hygienic quality

SUMILITE® VSS series has always been used as a packaging material for pharmaceutical blister package by many pharmaceutical manufacturers since Sumitomo Bakelite Co.,Ltd. established its composition in 1964 as the first nonplasticized rigid polyvinylchloride sheet conforming to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standard.

The most up-to-date production environment

SUMILITE® VSS series is manufactured with our most up-to-date calendering equipment according to the idea of GMP and has a lot of grades with properties necessary for the protection of drugs in the primary packaging such as moisture-proofness, light-shading property,etc.

UV and Visible Rays Shading

SUMILITE® VSS-UV series is non-plasticized rigid PVC sheets with a light shading property to prevent the discoloration of drugs by UV and visible rays.

SUMILITE® VSS sheet- type

SUMILITE® VSS series products are offered in four types, R type,Non-R type,C type and E type for each grade of the series,in order to offer optical aptitude to the specific forming characteristics of different blister machine.

SUMILITE® VSS fine grade

SUMILITE® VSS transparent series,we have developed fine grade products with improved material combinations while maintaining the excellent hygienic property that is the established basic feature of the SUMILITE® VSS series.


Functional Packaging

Packaging Materials for Pharmaceuticals

Blister packaging materials for pharmaceuticals

SUMILITE® VSS series is mono PVC sheets for pharmaceutical blister packaging and manufactured with our most up-to-date equipment.

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