Pharmaceutical Products Packaging Materials (Materials for PTP)
SUMILITE® FCL Series (Super-high Moisture-proof Sheets)


SUMILITE® FCL series is packaging material ready for the super-high moisture-proof sheets required for primary packaging. We have realized super-high moisture-proof sheets through HaneywellÅfs Aclar® films and the film-manufacturing technology and quality assurance techniques cultivated by Sumitomo Bakelite Co.,Ltd. for long period of time.


  • Amagasaki Plant


  • Film & Sheets Research Laboratory


The highest-level moisture barrier

We realize super-high moisture-proof sheets for Pharmaceutical products packaging materials integrated with Aclar® and Sumitomo's quality assurance system.

Excellent formability

Molding machines both for PVC and PP films can be used.

Rich product variations

You can choose Aclar® /PVC and Aclar® /PP


Functional Packaging

Packaging Materials for Pharmaceuticals


Blister packaging materials for pharmaceuticals

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