Films and Sheets Division
Pharmaceutical Products Packaging Materials (Materials for PTP)

SUMILITE® VSS Series (Monolayer Nonplasticized Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets)

SUMILITE® VSS series is mono PVC sheets for pharmaceutical blister packaging and manufactured with SUMITOMO's most up-to-date equipment.

SUMILITE® VSL Series (High Moistureproof Multilayer Sheets)

The SUMILITE® VSL SERIES consists of highly moisture proof composite sheets comprising of a rigid PVC single layer sheet SUMILITE® VSS and PVDC (poly-vinylidene chloride).

SUMILITE® NS Series (Monolayer PP Sheets)

SUMILITE® NS are single layer polypropylene sheets made under the most stringent GMP controls, with excellent thickness precision, forming capabilities and stability against shrinkage and are compatible with the latest high speed automatic machines

SUMILITE® NS-Biomass Series (Biomass Sheets)

SUMILITE® NS Biomass series is PTP sheet using plant derived raw material.

SUMILITE® FCL Series (Super-high Moisture-proof Sheets)

The SUMILITE® FCL SERIES is a newly developed pharmaceutical blister film that meets the stringent WVTR property requirement for primary packaging material.

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