Dicing Tapes
Dicing tape/UV Releaseable Tape (SUMILITE® FSL)


UV tape for dicing process in semiconductor and related field. UV dicing tape which Sumitomo Bakelite has developed is designed to meet variety of customers' requirements by balancing out the 3 elements of "Cohesion", "Adhesion" and "Tack strength". It is UV curing type which can perfectly hold silicon wafer, resin substrate and other kinds of adherend.


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"Excellent chipping property" which is highest level in this industry

Our dicing tape can properly hold silicon wafer,resin substrate,and other kinds of adhered,and offer clear cut line to you.

"Excellent pick up property" which can correspond to ultra thin and highly integrated wafers and substrates

Adhesion strength after UV is very low. Our dicing tape can pick up thin wafer ,and can be used for the most advanced application.

"low contamination"of the surface and the side of wafer or resin substrate.

The contamination is little after dicing or peeling our dicing tape.


Electrical and Electronic Equipment


The process of dicing wafer,resin substrate,and the other kinds of adhered The process of transferring chip. Other uses which need the adhesive control


N4000 seriesstandard grade
N5000 seriesresin substrate
N6000 seriesvariant size chip
N7000 seriesthin wafer
N8000 seriesultra thin wafer


Wafers, resin, substrate, other adherends

N4000,6000,7000,and 8000 series are for dicing wafer. N5000 series are for dicing resin substrate. About other adherends, please contact us.

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